General Policy

Nonflash photography is permitted for personal use, except where noted. Flash photography, video, and tripods are not permitted for visitors. 

Photographers may be at work documenting Museum activities. Your presence implies your consent to the Museum’s use of your likeness in educational and promotional materials.


Members of the press and other Cornell departments are permitted to photograph exhibitions with prior permission from the Editorial Manager. The press member must identify themselves by showing  identification and signing in with the Museum's receptionist, and wear a provided PRESS badge. Equipment bags are subject to search. Press members are allowed during opening receptions and special events. Flashes are allowed for general gallery photos by press members only (not for close-ups of individual objects).

Student Photography or Film Projects

Projects involving photography or film/video in the galleries are allowed with ADVANCE prior approval—AT LEAST one week beforehand—from Museum staff. 

Before a project is approved, a Project Permission Form must be completed and the proper signatures acquired. This form must be submitted AT LEAST one week prior to the start of the project. 

Museum staff members will meet or communicate with the requestor to discuss the project. Potential danger to works of art or people, scheduling conflicts, other events and workload that day, availability of staff to supervise the shoot, benefit to Museum or Cornell, additional security costs, potential for artwork to be moved, previous contact with the applicant, and any special circumstances will all be taken under consideration.

If approved, an appropriate fee will be determined based on the number of hours, time during the day, special effort in moving works, and other considerations.

Approval or rejection of the project will be communicated to the requestor. If approved, the determined fee will also be communicated at this time and must be pre-paid.

Contact Holly Fairlie-Smith with any questions regarding permissions for student projects, wedding photography, and commercial photography/video projects.