Members and friends who are dedicated to seeing the Johnson Museum of Art develop, flourish, and remain dynamic for our campus and in our community have shown their support through thoughtful philanthropic planning for the Museum.

Cornell’s Office of Trusts, Estates and Gift Planning has dedicated staff available to you to offer guidance on how to make an impactful gift to the Museum that integrates your timeframe and financial goals.

Planned gifts might include a bequest of artwork or other assets to the Museum in your will or living trust, or by naming the Johnson Museum as the beneficiary of a charitable remainder trust, life insurance policy, or retirement fund. These gifts provide essential support for the Museum’s future.

Planned gifts might also come in the form of gifts that generate lifetime income for you or your chosen beneficiaries. They might also involve making a gift from a tax-advantageous source, or appreciated asset, or a combination of philanthropic structures.

You can learn more by exploring Trusts, Estates and Gift Planning or by contacting Justine A. Guariglia for thoughtful guidance and information, without obligation.

We honor those with planned gift intentions with membership in Cornell’s Cayuga Society.

For more information about how your gift can have the most impact at the Museum, please contact Courtney Campbell, the Museum's director of development.