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Past Exhibitions: 2004

Ended on February 12, 2004

The third façade projections at the Johnson Museum represents the East Coast premier of California artist Jennifer Steinkamp’s re-edited version of her work X-Ray Eyes.

Ended on March 7, 2004

Professor emeritus in Cornell's Department of Art, Norman Daly worked on his fictitious civilization for almost forty years.

Ended on March 7, 2004

This is an exhibition of small paintings, initiation cards that depict specific deities and symbols associated with the rituals of Vajrayana Buddhism.

Ended on March 14, 2004

Reversal Room completely surrounds viewers with slowly rotating, synchronized tableaux, giving viewers the impression that they are themselves situated in the middle of the events.

Ended on April 4, 2004

This collection of more than thirty etchings in beautiful lifetime impressions offers the rare opportunity to see Rembrandt at his best.

Ended on May 15, 2004

The Point of View anthology reaches back to video art’s democratic potential, suggesting that video art can be produced for a broad audience.

Ended on October 3, 2004

The Ginzberg collection was formed around the principle that there is much to be learned and much beauty to be found in the everyday, nonrepresentational side of African art.

Ended on October 17, 2004

Organized by the Boston University Art Gallery, this exhibition examines camera clubs and the pictorial photography tradition in California.

Ended on May 16, 2004

Photographs investigating teenage girls’ relationship to their bodies and the way the female body has become an expression of the conflicting messages to girls in contemporary culture.

Ended on May 30, 2004

Once praised as “The Foremost Women Photographers in America,” their prints were included in many of the significant early 20th-century exhibitions and publications.

Ended on July 11, 2004

This exhibition, curated by the History of Art Majors' Society, is a collection of photographs by women from a wide variety of periods and places that takes the idea of transformation as its unifying theme.

Ended on June 13, 2004

This exhibition presents the wonderfully intricate etchings of the two most prolific chroniclers of life in the first half of the European 17th century.

Ended on June 13, 2004

Contemporary Taiwanese art as seen through the lens of cultural identity and political memory, focusing on the period since 1987, when martial law was lifted.

Ended on July 25, 2004

Highlights of gifts given by Diann Mann, Cornell Class of 1966, and Thomas Mann, Cornell Class of 1964.

Ended on August 15, 2004

Contemporary Taiwanese art as seen through the lens of cultural identity and political memory, featuring work by new media artists.

Ended on August 22, 2004

A superb collection of ceramics dating from the Neolithic period to the 14th century, highlighting the technical and aesthetic sophistication of southern Chinese high-fired stoneware vessels with green glazes.

Ended on October 3, 2004

A relationship we take for granted—the sitter and the chair in American studio photography—curated by a group of interior design students from the Department of Design and Environmental Analysis.

Ended on July 25, 2004

This exhibition highlights the important contribution to the Johnson Museum made by Paul Ehrenfest, Cornell Class of 1932, who passed away in February 2004.

Ended on October 3, 2004

The Johnson Museum's collection of Korean art is particularly strong in ceramics, and also includes paintings and sculptural works.

Ended on October 10, 2004

Sponsored by the Cornell Council for the Arts (CCA), this juried exhibition features work by recipients of CCA grants between 1999 and 2003.

Ended on November 4, 2004

Asta Gröting's first museum show in the United States.

Ended on December 5, 2004

An important force in the Arts and Crafts movement in America, Byrdcliffe's rich artistic and social legacy is seen in a variety of forms.

Ended on December 19, 2004

Highlighting works that reflect the British style on American Arts and Crafts.

Ended on January 2, 2005

This exhibition presents a moving examination of the haunting cemetery sites of World War I captured on film by photographer Jane Alden Stevens.

Ended on January 9, 2005

A survey of the artist's work in sculpture and printmaking from the last ten years.