This Exhibition Has Ended

June 24, 2006
August 20, 2006

2006 marks the first full ten years of Constance Saltonstall’s legacy to New York State artists and writers—establishing an arts foundation, the core of which is a stunning and serene artists’ colony founded in her own contemporary home and studio on two hundred acres of pastoral land near Ithaca. Many of us on the Board of the Foundation—all literary and visual artists ourselves—knew Connie Saltonstall. She was herself an accomplished photographer, painter, and avid restorer of historic buildings. We are dedicated to sustaining and expanding on her generosity by focusing on the needs of individual artists in an era of shrinking support.

The Saltonstall Foundation is most unusual in providing both artists’ fellowships for summer residencies and unrestricted individual artist’s grants as part of its main mission. Comprising the first museum exhibition of Saltonstall foundation artists, the twenty-one artists exhibited here were selected by Andrea Inselmann, the Johnson Museum’s Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art.

Marilyn Rivchin
President, Saltonstall Foundation Board