This Exhibition Has Ended

June 28, 2008
August 17, 2008

Celebrating a passion for living with art, this exhibition presents a remarkable range of works from around the world, gathered by private collectors in the Ithaca area. As the Johnson Museum’s curators visited local collections, we were amazed at the quality and quantity of art to be found—right in our own backyard. The diversity of interests, intellectual curiosity, fascinating experiences, extensive travels, and collecting acumen of our community are all reflected in the possessions exhibited here. We only regret that the limits of gallery space prevented us from showing all the wonderful objects that we found. Indeed, there are certainly more collectors out there that we were not able to include.

Over the years, the Johnson Museum’s collection has benefited from the generosity of local collectors, and we have included some works recently donated to the Museum. We thank those donors and all the collectors for their willingness to part with their treasures and to share them with our visitors.

Ellen Avril
Chief Curator and Curator of Asian Art

Nancy E. Green
The Gale and Ira Drukier Curator of Prints, Drawings, and Photographs

Andrea Inselmann
Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art

Andrew C. Weislogel
Associate Curator / Master Teacher

Elizabeth Emrich
Exhibitions Assistant