This Exhibition Has Ended

June 25, 2005
August 14, 2005

Ithaca is a community rich in the visual arts, and this exhibition series pays homage to the quality and range of the work being produced in our own backyard. The artists in the current exhibition, Janice Levy, Gillian Pederson-Krag, Loretta Roome, and Treacy Ziegler, are all serious artists, committed to their craft. From Levy’s large Giclée photographs to Pederson-Krag’s mysterious landscapes and still lifes, Roome’s luscious floral Iris prints, and Ziegler’s jewel-like pastels and monoprints, there exists a feeling of great care coupled with unexpected discoveries which results in works that instantly engage the viewer.

These are artists who make us think and imagine other worlds, other spaces, where things happen that have a familiarity but are distinctly different. While comfortable on one level, they are all capable of subtly commanding our attention through the questions they raise. In these three galleries, they offer intimate glimpses of their worlds that make us reflect on the larger world around us.

Nancy E. Green
Senior Curator of  Prints, Drawings, and Photographs