This Exhibition Has Ended

September 8, 2020
November 20, 2020

The Johnson Museum was open to Fall 2020 Cornell classes by appointment only.


"Good Looking: Curricular Connections at the Johnson Museum" installed from the collection for:

Advanced Spanish Writing Workshop (SPAN 2180)
Art Histories: An Introduction (ARTH 1100, SHUM 1100)
Curating Fashion Exhibitions (SHUM 4651/6651, ARKEO 6651, VISST 4651/6651)
Curatorial Practicum (ARTH 4110/6010)
Environment and Sustainability Colloquium (ENVS2000)
Fashion, Art, and Design Thinking (FSAD 1250)
Grounding in Landscape Architecture I (LA 1410)
Humanities Scholars Program
Introduction to Painting (ART 2201)
Philosophy of the Arts (PHIL 2510)
Proseminar: Introduction to Methods (ARTH 4101, ARTH 6101, VISST 4101)
Race and Sex: Arabian Nights (NES 2700)
Science, Technology, and Politics (STS 1101)
Spanish Intermediate Composition and Conversation II (SPAN 2095)
Sweetness: How Sugar Built the Modern World (ROMS 3010, ASRC 3010, LATA 3015, SHUM 3010)
Threads of Consequence: Textiles in South and Southeast Asia (ARTH 4855, ASIAN 4487, ASIAN 6644 VISST 4855, VISST 6855)
Ways of Knowing: Indigenous and Place-Based Ecological Knowledge (AIIS/NTRES/AMST 3330 & NTRES 6330)
Word and Image: Tender Queer Futures (ENG 1183)
Writing About Literature (ENGL 1270 FWS)
Writing Berlin (GERST 1121)
Writing the Environment: Conservation, Conservatories, Conservancies (ENG 1130)


Works from the collection were installed for Fall 2020 courses:

Green Armor, an installation for “Curating Fashion Exhibitions” (SHUM 4651/6651, ARKEO 6651, VISST 4651/6651)

Installation for “The Museum and the Object Practicum on American Women and Work” (ARTH 4110/6010), part of The Power of Portrayal: Envisioning Women's Representation

Albrecht Dürer: Visionary Printmaker installed for “Introduction to Print Media” (ART 2301)

Nam June Paik: Pioneer of International TV and Video Art installed for “History Will Be Televised” (GERST 3410)

Anselm Kiefer, Dein Goldenes Haar, Margarethe (Your Golden Hair, Margarethe), installed for “Literary Texts and Contexts: The Myth of 1968” (GERST 2020)

Rough Cuts: German Expressionist Prints installed for “Print Matters: Print Culture from the Medieval to the Modern” (GERST 3075)

Relationships, Complex Connectivity, and Hope in the Age of COVID-19 installed for “Ways of Knowing: Indigenous and Place-Based Ecological Knowledge” (NTRES 3330)

Installations for “Threads of Consequence: Textiles in South and Southeast Asia” (ARTH 4855, ASIAN 4487/6644, VISST 4855/6855)

Installation for “Materials, Media, and the End of Masterpieces” (ARTH 2600)

Installation for “Perspectives on Spain in Spanish” (SPAN 2235)

Installation for “Introduction to Print Media” (ART 2301)

Installation for “Environment and Sustainability Colloquium” (ENVS 2000)


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