This Exhibition Has Ended

April 14, 2012
August 12, 2012
In the wing, Floor 2L

Every two years faculty in the Department of Art are invited to exhibit work at the Johnson Museum. Cornell Art Faculty 2012 provides an apt opportunity for the University community and the broader public to reflect on the relationship between education and practice. The works on view here show how faculty are deeply engaged in studio-based teaching and how they strive to develop students into confident and independent artists in their own right.

The exhibition also shows the faculty as accomplished artists themselves. Their praxis offers an important example to both students and the public—to see how materials are manipulated, ideas are manifested, and finished works are wrought through rigorous practice and expertise.

Contemporary art encompasses many mediums, modalities, and approaches, and this exhibition offers a selection of its diversity and its intelligence. The exhibition locates the faculty’s recent engagement with allowing the viewer insights into how artists are grappling with key questions facing individuals and societies today. 

Iftikhar Dadi
Chair, Department of Art
April 2012