This Exhibition Has Ended

March 25, 2006
June 11, 2006

Robert ParkeHarrison's innovative approach to picture making draws upon the use of the paper negative and collage to construct stories of healing and restoration amid landscapes scarred by technology and overuse. In Herculean actions that are both humorously metaphorical and lyrically poetic, ParkeHarrison constructs beguiling stories that gently remind us to consider the state of our one and only earth. At the center of each of his pictorial tales is a lone individual—ParkeHarrison himself as "Everyman"—the "Architect's" brother. This suit-clad figure patches holes in the sky, creates rain machines, chases storms to create electricity, and communicates with the land to learn of its needs. Robert's wife, Shana, collaborates with him to produce the work. The Architect's Brother has been published by Twin Palms Press and accompanies the exhibition, which was organized by the George Eastman Museum.