Laurent Ferri and Andrew C. Weislogel are the curators of this exhibition.
Project sponsored by the French Studies Program (Professor Laurent Dubreuil, Director).
Website design by Ioana Vartolomei.


The Organizers of the Exhibition wish to thank:


At Cornell University Library:


Anne Kenney, Cornell University Librarian
John Saylor, Associate Librarian for Special Collections
Elaine Engst, Director of the Division of Rare Books and Manuscripts (RMC)
Katherine Reagan, Assistant Director for Collections & Ernest L. Stern Curator of Rare Books & Manuscripts, RMC
Patrick J. Stevens, Curator, Fiske Collections, RMC
David Corson, Curator, History of Science Collections, RMC
Michele Brown, Book Conservator, Book Conservation Unit
Pat Fox, Assistant Book Conservator, Book Conservation Unit
Eisha Prather and Connie Finnerty, Collections Assistants, RMC


At the Johnson Museum:


Andrea Potochniak, Publications and Publicity Coordinator
David Ryan, Preparator
Liz Emrich, Exhibitions Assistant
Wil Millard, Chief Preparator/Building Coordinator
Frank Robinson, The Richard J. Schwartz Director


We also wish to thank:


Professor Kathleen Perry Long, Romance Studies Department, Cornell University


Nicolette A. Dobrowolski, Head of Public Services and Reference and Access Services Librarian,
Special Collections Research Center, Syracuse University Library


William T. La Moy, Curator of Rare Books and Printed Materials, Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Library
David Stokoe, Librarian/Conservator, Syracuse University Library