Event Details

Sep 14, 2022
Wing lecture room

Dr. Robert S. Wicks, Professor Emeritus and Former Director of the Miami University Art Museum, will speak on “Numismatic Method in the Study of Early Southeast Asian Coinage” as part of the “Curatorial Practicum: Commerce, Currencies, and Commodities: Reconfiguring the Archive” (ARTH 4110/6010) course. The lecture is free and open to the public.
“Constructing New Narratives: Curatorial Practice Today” is a semester-long course offered at the Johnson Museum in collaboration with the Department of the History of Art and Visual Studies. The Fall 2022 the seminar is co-taught by Kaja McGowan, Associate Professor of the History of Art and Visual Studies, and Ellen Avril, chief curator and Stoikov Curator of Asian Art. The theme, “Commerce, Currencies, and Commodities: Reconfiguring the Archive,” examines how the political, religious, and economic identities of Southeast Asia were largely formed by the experiences of the fifteenth through the seventeenth centuries, when international commerce boomed before eventually falling under the domination of well-armed European powers intent on monopoly. Library and museum collections across campus will provide a lens for reconfiguring the archive.