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Vivian Bevans
City at Night, ca. 1902
Color wood-block print
4 x 5 inches
Collection of the Byrdcliffe Art Colony of the Woodstock Guild, Alf Evers Collection
Gift of The Douglas C. James Charitable Trust

Edna Walker
Ned Thatcher at Forge
21 x 16 inches
Collection of Jean and Jim Young


Edward Thatcher
Tin Train Engine Toy
11 x 7 1/4 x 5 3/4 inches
Collection of the Historical Society of Woodstock




1866-1915 more than 25 million immigrants enter U.S. from Southern and Eastern Europe, Asia, and Latin America

1882 Exclusion act closes borders to the Chinese

1920 Quota system favors British, restricts others (lifted in 1965)

Rise of Cities
1880-1900 Number of people living in U.S. cities doubled

1825 New York State canals completed
1869 Transcontinental Rail Road completed
1900 4,000 cars in the United States
1903 Wright brothers first successful airplane flight
1920 9 million cars in U.S., assembly-line production, Henry Ford

Technology/Age of Invention
1860-1890 Half million patents for new inventions
Industrial Revolution, new way of making steel – impact on railroads, skyscrapers
1877 Edison invents the light bulb and phonograph
1899 Andrew Carnegie creates Carnegie Steel
1900 Kodak introduces its $1.00 Box Brownie camera, access to all
1900 800,000 telephones in use, 24 years after it was invented by Alexander Graham Bell.

Reform Movements of the Early 1900s
They fought for government regulations on: industry monopolies, child labor, labor, alcohol consumption, voting rights for women. Included religious revivals.
1909 NAACP founded. Began the anti-lynching movement and fought for many other causes important to African-American citizens including voting rights and combating Jim Crow laws. Social reformer Jane Addams and educator John Dewey were among its founding members.





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