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"The Looms", Byrdcliffe
from Good Housekeeping, February 1907
Alvan F. Sanborn, "Leaders in American Arts and Crafts,"
Collection of the Byrdcliffe Art Colony of the Woodstock Guild


This exhibition explores three interconnected themes:

  • The Quest for the Handmade will investigate how the work of artists, writers, and critics reflects rebellion against the Industrial Revolution and its stultifying effects and artists' exploration of handcrafting techniques as a response to the omnipresence of machine-made goods.
  • Byrdcliffe as a Utopian Community explores the role of Byrdcliffe as an independent entity working within the larger context of local, national, and global artistic communities.
  • Artists and Artisans examines artists' independence and creativity relative to the role and influence of patrons (such as Whitehead), the Arts and Crafts aesthetic and artists' response to the use of the machine, and the artists' individual visions of the world around them.





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