The Museum Club was founded in 1996, and two decades later, “For Students Only” events and a thriving program of Student Educators makes us a place for all students!

Recognizing Rembrandt: The Science of Art in Printmaking will be on view from May 11 to June 12 in the Museum's study gallery.

How does art make a difference in your day? Help us keep bringing art and people together with a gift to our annual fund.

The events are cosponsored by Cornell University Library, the Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, the Society for the Humanities, and the Wikimedia Foundation.

“From Bacchus to Burgundy: Wine Culture in Art” (through February 21) explores the depiction of wine production and consumption in Western art over five centuries.

Significant progress is being made on important collections care. 

Kress Interpretive Fellow Brittany Rubin is strengthening ties between curators and educators in the Museum’s interpretive programming. 

A new position will provide a full-time curator dedicated to broadening our impact and voice in photography.

A grant from the Samuel H. Kress Foundation will support a one-year position, beginning in the fall of 2015, to work with the permanent collection and educational outreach. 

Cornell scientists, scholars, and curators shared their expertise and methodologies in the Museum course “Art|Science Intersections: More Than Meets the Eye.”