Event Details

Apr 10, 2021
11:00am - 1:00pm
Zoom meeting
Type Family

Learn the basics of weaving with Sarah Gotowka from Luna Fiber Studio in Trumansburg, New York. During this free virtual workshop, you will learn how to create a loom out of cardboard and weave using old T-shirts and bed sheets of your own!

Sarah will share a striking group of textiles selected by her from the Museum’s collections and discuss the cultural and social significance of textiles in people’s lives, past and present.

We encourage family members or friends who may not be in the same geographic location to take advantage of our workshop to share an art experience together. The workshop is open to all age groups, but we ask that kids under the age of 12 be accompanied by an adult.

Enrollment is limited. Please notify us if you register and need to cancel, so we can offer the space to our waiting list.

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Materials You’ll Need:

• A piece of sturdy cardboard at least 8x10 inches big

• Five (5) yards of strong string or yarn (strong meaning you can't easily break it by pulling on it with your hands)

• Scissors

• A ruler

• A pencil or pen

• Old fabric: This could be anything you have around home. T-shirts work really well, and you don't need much! We will only use about one T-shirt’s worth of material, but you may want to use a variety of different colors and textures. Participants will receive additional instructions on how to prepare your chosen fabric.