Event Details

Mar 20, 2020
8:00pm - 11:00pm
Throughout the Museum

Experience art as they did over a century ago through activities inspired by the exhibition Staging Art in the 19th Century and the World's Fairs of the time. 

Learn more about how the inventions and innovations of the time are still impacting life today from the Cornell Mars Rover student-run engineering team and the Cornell Steel Bridge undergraduate project team. 

Special guest Asli Menevse, PhD student in the History of Art, will look at 19th-century prints and books from Cornell collections to explore the complex histories of World's Fairs and expositions. 

Plus art and activities, refreshments including some of the foods that were first introduced at World’s Fairs, music and more!

Cohosted by the Museum Club and Student Educators: Art & the Museum (SEAM). Cosponsored by the Student Activities Funding Commission (SAFC) and CUTonight.