Event Details

Oct 26, 2019
5:00pm - 9:00pm
Wing lecture room

Adam Johnson and Nima Shirazi will host a live recording of their podcast Citations Needed with special guest Professor Shannon Gleeson to discuss the ideology of open borders.

Global traditional music by Ithaca’s Journey West will follow beginning at 7PM.

Citations Needed is a podcast about the intersection of media, PR, and power, hosted by Nima Shirazi and Adam Johnson. Nima is a communications strategist for progressive nonprofits and foundations. His media analysis and political commentary has appeared in Salon, Truthout, Mic, Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting, and Al Jazeera English. He is a member of the Gulf/2000 Project, an academic forum and online resource service sponsored by the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University and serves on the Board of Directors for Proteus Fund. Adam is a media analyst for The Appeal, having previously worked as a columnist for FAIR.org. His work has been featured in TruthDig, the New York Times, LA Times, and The Nation.